A project that combines fan and business. We develop our own infrastructure around a specialized service, are ready to serve civilian cars and engage in the "engineering" of special sports equipment.



We develop sporting parts of high resistance to wear - from 3D models to manufacturing, we create ultra thin and elastic body elements, we specialize in the planning and implementation of security elements - frames, fasteners, tightness. Adjustment and preparation of cars to a dynamic stand, electricity, electronics, wiring. Assembly of engines, hinged equipment, fuel system and much more.

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We are moving in line with modern media channels. We develop our production, social networks, video blogging. Do not forget about merchandising, well-established sales of thematic attributes and fan accessories. We develop our own information site and online store.


Develop sales strategies for our current and potential partners. We organize international events, which allows us to expand the range of interests for our partners.